Feel the breeze

After refusing to take a bath, instead opting to sit on the potty chair and play with his race cars, Nekkid Boy ran around the upstairs naked as a jay-bird. He called out to his new friend Super Zetta to come play with him. He ran from this bedroom to the bathroom and back again to his bedroom. He ran into Baby Burp's room and giggled, then ran back out.

MommaPerson laid Baby Burp on the floor to get her dressed for bed. As she leaned forward to secure Baby Burp's diaper, Nekkid Boy leaped onto her back, spread eagle, arms locked around MommyPerson's neck and giggled and cackled.

He eventually tired of climbing all over MommyPerson. Ahh.. but the fan! The fan meant endless possibilities for fun.

Nekkid Boy crouched down and turned on the fan. He stood up in front of the fan (blowing full blast of course), spread his feet so he was standing with his feet shoulder width apart and said, "Ooooooooooo! Cold!"

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