Excuse me?

NekkidBoy and family sat down to eat lunch. At the end, Mommy Person gave NekkidBoy some blueberry yogurt and a spoon.

Nekkid Boy eyed the yogurt and figured it was probably safe to eat since Big Daddy was slurping it up too.

He ate a few spoonfuls but soon grew bored with the whole experience. Until.... Big Daddy let out a big BURP!!

Big Daddy: *BURP*
Nekkid Boy: Excuse me

Big Daddy: Excuse me
Nekkid Boy: Excuse ME

Big Daddy: No, no. Excuse me
Nekkid Boy: Excuse MEeeee

Big Daddy: No, no, really. Excuse ME.
Nekkid Boy: Excuse Nekkid Boy. Excuse Momma.

Big Daddy: What about....
Nekkid Boy: Excuse Baby Burp!

Nekkid Boy: Excuse yogurt!


tricia said...

Hi! Just found your blog after browsing to see who else was blogging in Va - love it! I'll be back to visit again soon!

Corrine said...

LOL this is toooo cute!!!

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haha! That's funny!

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