Nekkid Boy Thwarts Evol Haircut?

While leisurely roaming the halls of the Towne Center mall (and why are they called "town centers" anyways! It's a freakin' mall dude!), our hero Nekkid Boy (who happened to be wearing a super cute oatmeal colored linen overall set) was swooped down upon and snatched up by MommyPerson. Tossed into the front of a stroller without care for his well-being or bodily safetly, Nekkid Boy was whisked to the other end of the mall and into Bill's Barber Shop O Horrors!

Nekkid Boy panicked. (He's not even two years old people... it's okay if our hero panics from time to time. Cut him some slack.. sheesh!) What evol tortures awaited him today? What heinous obscenities had MommyPerson devised for this adventure! Would Nekkid Boy survive?!?!

After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, the fur, I mean hair, really started to fly. Nekkid Boy was magically transformed from a cute little boy starting a mullet into the Cutest Boy In The World (tm)!

But, oh! The agony of it all! The emotional scars will follow Nekkid Boy for years... okay.. months... well... weeks! Oh heck, he's over it all ready.

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