Nekkid Boy News Flash!

New Flash!! This just in!

Earlier this evening, Nekkid Boy was once again trying to dodge the evil MommyPerson's attempts to control him and put him in the evil cage for the night. He wailed and screamed and threw his body from side to side while being carried through the mall by MommyPerson but to no avail! (However, an innocent bystander did mention to MommyPerson that she looked quite serene throughout the entire tantrum... Score one for MommyPerson!)

After a terrifying trip back to Mulberry House that included tossing Mr. Puppy around the backseat of the car and being force fed a sippy of milk, Nekkid Boy knew his options were limited. Even before MommyPerson said that it was bath time, he had his plan ready.

Calmly and with a certain stoicism, Nekkid Boy undressed and leaped into the tub. He kicked the water. He stomped in the water, cackling as waves splashed out of the tub, onto MommyPerson and onto the floor. He was biding his time, waiting for that perfect moment.

And then..... it happened.

Baby Burp started to wail.

Sure enough, just as he suspected would happen, MommyPerson dashed out of the bathroom just long enough.

Upon her return, MommyPerson found Nekkid Boy dancing a jig in the tub while his towel floated in the wake of his waves... his adult sized bath sheet towel... soaking. wet.

MommyPerson stood there and pretended not to notice the peach fluffiness floating in the water. She'd let Big Daddy deal with it.

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