Nekkid Boy Strikes Again

When we last left our hero, MommyPerson had won the evening battle and Nekkid Boy was relegated to his night time prison. Comforted with Mr. Puppy and several Dr. Seuss books, it seemed that our hero was down for the count. But then he remembered... the secret weapon... the one thing MommyPerson could not discount. Hunger!

Nekkid Boy slowly ramped up the Whine O Burst Eardrums. Starting out slow and low, he systematically revved up the frequency of his outbursts as well as the volume and intensity. Baby Burp was already fighting with MommyPerson, not allowing MommyPerson time for even the fastest and desperately needed bio break. Nekkid Boy wondered if maybe Baby Burp was ready to switch sides and fight MommyPerson with him! But no time for musings... gotta keep that Whine going!

MommyPerson finally caved. Nekkid Boy was up and free! Sucking down Cracklin' Oat Bran, three bites of turkey and some Quaker Oatmeal Cereal was just what he needed to fuel up. He danced a jig on the nursing stool; he ran up and down the hall; he tried spinning in a circle; he even screeched as loud as he could to make Baby Burp wake up and cry again! He had a blast!

Then, he knew it was time. The moment had arrived and he was prepared. When MommyPerson wasn't looking, he squatted down and filled his diaper with the foulest three day old poop he could muster.

No one could say this night was a victory for MommyPerson now!

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