Mission: Donut Possible

Nekkid Boy Mission: Secure crazy toy car currently being held hostage in packing box behind Baby Burp's crib.

Nekkid Boy sat up in bed and wiped his runny nose. He sat still and listened intently. Silence. Just what he was hoping for.

He quickly scurried out of his bed and quietly opened his bedroom door. Peering down the hall to the left and then to the right, he darted out and into the kitchen. After pulling a chair up to the counter, he opened the donut box and pulled one out. A quick bite and he was on his way down the hall to Baby Burp's room.

"Is she asleep still?" Nekkid Boy pondered. No matter. A donut would fix the problem.

He pushed the door open and walked over to the crib. He called her name a few times and was rewarded with a big smile when she finally opened her eyes.

He climbed into the crib and sat down opposite Baby Burp. He knew what would happen next. He was prepared.

With the patience of a cheetah on the hunt, he sat and he waited. She would make her move when she was ready.

Finally, Baby Burp lunged for the donut. He feinted a struggle, then let her have half of the donut as he leaped up, reached over the back rail of the crib and yanked the toy car free from the packing box.

Mission accomplished!

Nekkid Boy smiled to himself and settled back to play with the car and enjoy his half of the donut.

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