New Lemony Fresh Nekkid Boy!

Nekkid Boy tip-toed into the bathroom of Mulberry House and found Mommy Person sitting on the throne. He sidled up to her and said, "Poo?"

"No Nekkid Boy. Tee-tee."


"Yes, tee-tee."


He realized that such witty repartee' wouldn't be enough to distract Mommy Person for long. He casually leaned against the sink and fiddled with the safety latch on the cabinet door. He inched a bit closer to the large wire shelving unit, his goal within reach.

Mommy Person stood up and moved to the sink to wash her hands as the throne flushed.

"Bye-bye tee-teeeee."

Mommy Person smiled indulgently at Nekkid Boy. Surely she was marvelling at his superior brain power and acrobatic command of the English language.

Nekkid Boy could no longer resist the urge! He reached out for the Febreeze room deodorizer just as Mommy Person turned around to motion him to leave the bathroom with her. Caught in the act! Zounds!!

"No, no. Leave that alone please. Come on; let's go." And with that, she turned out the light assuming that Nekkid Boy would follow her.

Mommy Person quickly became involved in soothing Baby Burp. Nekkid Boy had bribed Baby Burp a new pacifier to cull her help with this scheme. He knew Mommy Person would be busy for only a few minutes because Baby Burp was easily won over by the new Hug Me Elmo that Mommy Person brought home last week. He had precious little time and had to work fast.

Soon, too soon, he heard the clomp clomp of Mommy Person walking down the hallway. Closer, closer, closer still. Squirt, squirt... He squeezed the Febreeze container as fast as he could to get in as many squirts as possible. She was coming! He could hear her calling his name! Squirt-squirt-squirt!! She's almost at the door! Squirtsquirtsquirt!! She's turning the corner into the bathroom!! SQUIRT!!

Mommy Person peered into the dark room and saw the haze of scent engulfing Nekkid Boy. She moved closer, unsure of exactly what had transpired in the bathroom. "Lemony fresh. How odd." she thought.

She reached out to Nekkid Boy just as he managed to sneak in a few final squirts. Mommy Person shouted and squealed (which made Nekkid Boy giggle). Mommy Person quickly discovered that Nekkid Boy's shirt and hair were completely soaked in Febreeze. Mommy Person pulled the shirt off Nekkid Boy while Big Daddy called his favorite telephone operator at Poison Control.

Nekkid Boy chuckled and thought, "How ya like me now, yo. Lemon fresh. The girls'll be all over me dawg. "