Nekkid Boy and the Great Egg Adventure

Evil Mommy Person forced our hero, Nekkid Boy, into manual labor. She set him to task at the kitchen stove, laboriously pouring seasoning into the eggs she whisked in a bowl. Nekkid Boy knew what was coming next. She would force him to spend hours and hours whisking and whisking and whisking until his arm felt like it would fall off! He had to devise a plan to get away! He needed a distraction. But any old distraction wouldn't work. It had to be monumental.

With the stealth of a cheetah persuing it's next meal, Nekkid Boy slowly unscrewed the lid of the seasoning container. Then, with the biggest, fastest, hardest shakes he could muster, he sent that seasoning flying all over the kitchen!

Mommy Person gasped! Mommy Person shrieked! Mommy Person groaned in dispair! The dried garlic and rosemary mixture was everywhere! At least 80% of the container's contents were flung far and wide across the kitchen.

Nekkid Boy shouted with glee and made his escape.

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