Nekkid Boy and the Great Turd Adventure

Nekkid Boy looked up at Mommy Person as a small flicker of a smile turned his lips upward into a charming yet mischevious grin. He knew what was coming. And boy was it coming! That Mommy Person -- she thought she could douse him in water, surround him with bubbles, hand him a toy boat and think he wouldn't retaliate.

In all fairness, he did try to warn her. He whined a little. He bounced up and down. He even said, "Hah poo." But since he'd been saying that all day with no resulting poo, Mommy Person just smiled and nodded.

AHA! The time was drawning near! Mommy Person has turned her head away to pick up the bottle of shampoo that Nekkid Boy threw on the floor. She has just dumped every single tub toy into the tub! Victory is at hand! Nekkid Boy sent the "all out" signal and did his duty.. er.. doody... er... duty.. er... ah well.. you get the idea.

Three big, long turds in the tub. Not floaters either.

Nekkid Boy quietly smirked at Mommy Person started draining the tub and gagging.

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