Reflecting on Nekkid Boy

Believe it or not, Nekkid Boy is nearing the second anniversary of his birth. He shot into this world on a warm October afternoon and, from that very moment, started giving Mommy Person and Big Daddy reason to tear their hair out.

Hospitals are fun, right? Nekkid Boy took it upon himself to remain there for seventeen days to get extra help fighting off germies that made him sleepy and not want to eat. All's well that ends well and he kicked the hospital dust off his boots and has been relatively healthy ever since.

Recently, Nekkid Boy has taken on some new adventures. This morning while eating cereal, he sneezed on Mommy Person. Got her smack dab on the forehead with a Honey Bunches of Oats cereal flake. Great aim Nekkid Boy!! Since having a cold, snot bubbles seem to be his greatest defense mechanism. Those bubbles are not only gross and icky, they are slimy and very sticky. Perfect for those sneak attacks!

Nekkid Boy has also become quite skilled in the ancient art of Crib Vaulting. His recent practice session didn't go quite as well as he planned. Sure, he made it out of his jail, but the racket alerted Mommy Person who came swooping in and scooped him into her arms. It was such a startling landing for Nekkid Boy that, in a moment of Hero Weakness (tm), he rested his head against Mommy Person while he caught his breath. The next afternoon, Big Daddy was able to peek in and spied Nekkid Boy practicing his technique. He didn't leave the crib, but he was quite adept at getting himself up and over the end of the crib.

It has been observed on more than one occassion and in very public places that Nekkid Boy has become an expert in the Limp Noodle Body Defense (tm). When used at the grocery store, Mommy Person breaks out into a sweat and becomes quite agitated and discombobulated. That's the best time to grab something off the shelf and stuff it into the cart!

All in all, Nekkid Boy and Baby Burp have been keeping Mommy Person way too busy. She very rarely has more than a few moments to spend on "me" time. Just like Nekkid Boy planned. MUHAHAHAHAA!

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