Nekkid Boy Goes Tee-tee

Nekkid Boy howled.

Nekkid Boy yowled.

Baby Burp looked on in amazement as her brother fought tooth and nail to stop MommyPerson's lame duck attempts to scrub him down in the tub.

"Nooo! NOOO!!!" The shouting and screaming continued. MommyPerson finally covered the boy with suds and rinsed him off.

"Ni-niiii?" he queried.

"Yes, you can go night-night in just a minute."

MommyPerson scooped up BabyBurp and dried her off. As she set BabyBurp down on the bathroom floor, NekkidBoy jumped halfway out of the tub then started to whimper for assistance. MommyPerson quickly toweled him off just as BabyBurp opened the bathroom door and made a beeline for the top of the stairs.

Scurrying to snatch BabyBurp from near tragedy, it vaguely registered in MommyPerson's brain that Nekkid Boy was sitting on the toilet (with the lid down of course because anyone caught leaving the lid up in MommyPerson's house felt the keen wrath of her ire!) and talking half gibberish about the potty.

"Potty...... --gibberish gibberish-- tee-tee.... on potty... --gibberish gibberish--"

"Don't flush the potty please." MommyPerson called as she wrestled BabyBurp into a diaper.

"I on potty...... --gibberish gibberish gibberish-- tee-tee.... potty... --gibberish gibberish-- I tee-tee"

As MommyPerson considered dressing BabyBurp in a straight-jacket for the evening, she realized that Nekkid Boy was talking about bodily fluids. She *hoped* he was just talking about it.

Finally, after much wrestling, struggling and acrobatics of pajamas, MommyPerson placed BabyBurp in her crib, turned on the music box and quietly closed the door. She crossed her fingers (and mentally crossed her toes because to actually cross her toes would make walking painful and difficult) that what she heard coming from the bathroom was .... well.... just conversation and not commentary on action.

She should have crossed her toes.

NekkidBoy proudly sat on top of the toilet seat lid and proclaimed, "I tee-tee on potty!"

... and on the floor.... and in the trash can.... "Trash can!" .... and on the side of the tub.... and, yes, even on the toilet seat lid.

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momofalltrades said...

LOL Gotta be quick momma!