A Poignant Moment with Nekkid Boy

Nekkid Boy woke from his nap and slowly made his way down the steps holding tightly onto Mr. Puppy, his constant companion.

Halfway down the staircase, MommyPerson appeared and smiled sweetly at her little boy. "Hi sweetheart," she cooed as she lovingly gazed on Nekkid Boy.

"HI!" Nekkid Boy replied as he waved vigorously at MommyPerson, still descending step by step.

Four steps from the bottom, Nekkid Boy was swept up into MommyPerson's arms. He smiled sweetly at MommyPerson as she carried him to the rocking chair. Behind that innocent and loving smile was the hint of a scheming smirk.

MommyPerson gently rocked Nekkid Boy, reveling in the warmth of her sweet boy, holding him close, feeling his soft breath on her neck as his head rested on her shoulder. She remembered many other such loving moments with him since becoming a mother.

"These are the moments. These are the moments you remember and treasure forever, " she thought to herself.

As a single tear formed in the corner of MommyPerson's eye, Nekkid Boy farted, giggled and ran off to play with his trucks.

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