.... And Now.... Baking Soda!

Mommy Person was trying so hard to pick up the house. So many things not in the right place due to a week of chaos. She needed to put things back to order and have some sanity. Nekkid Boy followed her around (he was still not allowed to watch TV or have toys because the Cheerios were still on the floor), looking for opportunities to wreak havoc.

As Mommy Person started clearing off the dining room table, Nekkid Boy reached for the open container of baking soda used the previous night in Baby Burp's bath. He shook it real fast and as Mommy Person shouted, "Noooooooooooooooooooooooo" and moved as if in slow motion to snatch the box, Nekkid Boy turned it upside down.

As the soft white powder floated down to the carpet, Nekkid Boy smiled and said, "Big mess!"

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