The Cheerios Battle of Wills

Nekkid Boy sat in his chair happily crunching away on the tumbler cup of Cheerios that Mommy Person gave him.

He slyly looked out the corner of his eye and tipped the tumbler oh so slowly.

"Please do not pour out the Cheerios, Nekkid Boy."

He pulled the tumbler back to his lap and ate a few more.

Ten minutes passed and quick as lightening, Nekkid Boy reached his arm out and dumped the Cheerios on the floor.

"Ugh. Okay, Nekkid Boy, you need to pick up the Cheerios please. Put them back in the cup."


"Yes, Nekkid Boy. No TV until you pick up the Cheerios. Mommy Person will help but you have to pick up the Cheerios."


Mommy Person picked up all the toys and put them away. There would be no TV and no toys until the Cheerios were picked up. She tried taking turns. She tried cajoling. She tried her super stern voice. Nekkid Boy would not pick up those Cheerios!

Finally, she held his hand and led him back to the Cheerios. She explained once again, that Nekkid Boy's privileges were suspended until the Cheerios were picked back up.

Nekkid Boy stood in front of the pile of Cheerios. He slowly extended his leg, then carefully placed his foot on a Cheerio. He closed his toes around a single Cheerio, then lifted his foot and dropped the Cheerio into Mommy Person's hand.

Nekkid Boy counted this as a win. Mommy Person was less than amused.

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