Case of the Missing Tee-tee

It had been a long day for Mommy Person and she was asleep on her feet. She put both Baby Burp and Nekkid Boy into the bath tub together for some communal soaping and de-dirting. Nekkid Boy could tell that Mommy Person's guard was down and she was vulnerable. If he was going to take action, now was the time.

He splashed water. He kicked water. He threw water. He giggled and laughed when Baby Burp belly flopped into the water and then twirled around in the water like a crocodile. He tried to create his own wave pool. Then, when Mommy Person was on the phone he really stepped up his game and added screeching to all the splashing and water tossing. Finally, a very exasperated Mommy Person hung up the phone and declared that bath time was over.

Nekkid Boy was out of the tub first. After being dried off, he was told to go to his room. He took off running down the hall, gleefully shouting and giggling as he zoomed from one end of the house to the other. Mommy Person quickly picked up Baby Burp, wrapped her in a towel and headed to Nekkid Boy's room, calling to him to join them. He, of course, continued running up and down the hallway.

Zoom... down the hall... Zoom... up the hall... Zoom... down the hall... Zoom... up the hall. Mommy Person was struggling to get Baby Burp into a diaper so she could diaper Nekkid Boy as well when she heard, "I tee-tee!!" as Nekkid Boy zoomed past yet again.

"What?! You what?!"


"You went tee-tee?? WHERE?"


Zooom... up the hall... Zoom.. down the hall...


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